My Journey

Everything that came during, after and before the events of 21st February 2000.

The images and associated text of my art work in all the genre represented here show the ever-changing, many and varied roads that I have travelled. Most of what is here is related to the accident because it has and continues to have a continuing influence on the pattern of my life today.

I have included some of my favourite images and writings in this section amongst which are drawings, pastels, paintings and writing not yet included in this website.

I have wanted for a long time to develop a website to showcase my work and also me because without me there is no body of work to show.

Having begun in ernest I was overwhelmed by the volume of the work I have done. Sifting through it to choose images for each category was to say the least a very emotionally taxing task which has taken me months and too many hours to count to compile. In fact it has been an ongoing endeavour from when I finished the 1st book of Pastels with the associated text in the year 2000. I knew then and was encouraged by my supportive husband, daughter and wonderful physican to have it published, including it in an exhibition of my paintings and other works. Unfortunately this didn’t eventuate as my life was taken up with my recovery.

This website that is yet to be finished, but then again there will be no end until there is no more to add, is at times confronting, sad, uplifting and ultimately my story, my journey that like your own is very unique in all its complexities.

There are many works with text in this collection that you may find difficult to look at and/or read. I haven’t pulled any punches nor do I make any apology in not making you the reader comfortable with what is in front of you because to do that would have compromised and made my journey meaningless.