Invisible Circles

Rings encircle my being.
Rings of metal,
Painted black, enamelled.
Rings of totality,
Beginnings with no end.
The new mixed with the old
As each ring entwines
And takes from another
Leaving its breath behind.
Invisible circles hold me.
Another is added.
How many more?
Seven now, seven years
All bearing the same fate.
They hang heavy with the truth they hold.
The truth I thought I’d escaped this year.
It found me as I awoke to the day,
Slipped easily over my head
And tightened its hold.
I knew it was there.
Yes. I knew.
How could I not know?
I couldn’t escape it.
It had lain dormant
In my mind and body
And the deep recesses
Of hidden memories
Until today when it surfaced
To remind me of the day
When my life was taken away
Another given that I hadn’t asked for.
It happens each year,
Always like the first time
This anniversary
That will not
Be forgotten.
It made me
Re-live it
Hear it…
See it…
Feel it…
Torn flesh,
Bones broken,
Brain battered.
Glass shards
Slice my pain
All washed in sorrow…

tenderley touching my pain