Somewhere Between the Letters

I hear sound travelling on a current of air
my name spoken...nada...
I hear but do not hear.
I am not her.
I’ve slipped between the letters
of ‘n’ and ‘a’ and ‘d’ and ‘a’
and trailed into nothingness.
Unattached from the
name, letters, image behind the word.
I am not her.
I have no name or substance
just fragments
within the puzzle...then nothing.
There are no words, no image beyond that last ‘a’.
I am empty as the pen touches the page.
It stops, there is nothing
Just an emptiness expanding or perhaps imploding.
Imploded I have disappeared without identity.
I am not her.
But as I turn I see a shadow of me.
The new, old, enveloped and suspended within time.

somewhere between the letters