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I have been an artist for most of my life and I am forever exploring and being challenged by the never ending possibilities found in the creative school of life that has shaped me into the evolving artist I am today. My journey begins where most people's story ends.

In February 2000 whilst living in the Margaret River Wine Region in the southwest of Western Australia I died in a high speed car accident, sustained many physical injuries and a minor head injury which together with the death experience irrevocably changed the course of my life and my art. It changed who I was into someone who is like, yet unlike the me I was before.

Before the accident I painted, created sculptures, etchings and ceramics but the journey my brain has taken me on since is like nothing I could ever have imagined. I gained an amazing explosion of creative abilities which are extraordinary and very humbling. I didn’t know that I could write, paint, draw, sculpt, work with pastels or glass in the many ways I now do. The subject of each piece comes from a place inside me that takes me each time on an unexpected and exhilarating journey.

My art is a mirror of the evolving journey of myself, of who I was and who I am, the accident, my recovery, the incredible life changing death experience and then the connection with the beauty of this fragile world around me that I am so acutely aware of.

The small simple things that we too often take for granted that we forget to take time out to stop and see and hear.

I feel that I have somehow tuned into the rhythm of the earth, the ocean tides, trees that whisper with the breeze, sunsets. Nature's magnificence and the mysterious essence of life.

I thrill at the beauty of a sunset over the ocean, grains of sand beneath my feet, dappled light filtered through leaves, glistening raindrops, rainbows, moonlit nights and ink-jet star studded skies but sadly I also deeply feel and despair at the destruction being wrought by man of this wonder that is our home.

I cannot recreate these feelings into a physical form but they are sensed in the finished work, not tangible, but never-the-less an inescapable part of my art.

Each of my glass art pieces is unique, evolving unexpectedly as they respond to the materials I am working with and to the voice that whispers from within.

I see beyond the surface to the extraordinary colours and shapes melding one into the other, the distinct contrasts between them that create tensions, harmony, and an inescapable energy emanating from within through the many layers to bubbles captured, bursting, disappearing, the creation of a rainbow selection of colours and all of it holds me fascinated, enthralled and captivated.

There is a spontaneous, instinctive, often unexpected beginning and end to the art I produce. I am fascinated by its double edged sword that cut my flesh and that is also transformed into beautiful works of art. It changes along the way as the different type and colour of glass are used. However it may come together I am always amazed at how it comes alive after the firing in the kiln. Then the beauty of the glass is truly evident. I am never disappointed. And I love the unexpected outcomes. Nothing is ever lost when working with glass but much is gained and so much is learned. The options are limitless and for me they are dictated by the glass and my intense creative relationship with it to be enjoyed artistically, functionally or architecturally.

I love what I produce, it makes me happy, it sets me free.

There is no right or wrong response to art. We are all different, with very different life experiences. I can but hope that you will enjoy my work and share in my journey and that it will in some small way inspire and brighten your day.